Anago’s Protection+ Disinfection® Program


Now is the time for a clean start. Protection+ Disinfection® provides peace of mind. Keep your employees, family, and guests safe from COVID-19 and other illnesses with Anago’s three enhanced disinfecting plans. Our franchise owners are proud to introduce the Protection+ Disinfection® program. It features customizable plans that are designed to target the hot spots in your business where germs are most prevalent. These areas are generally where cross-contamination occurs and where people can pass germs from one person to another.

A Safety You Can Sense

Our Anago Franchisees will sit down with you and discuss your needs to help you decide which Protection+ plan is best for your commercial property. No two businesses are the same, so your needs will be different than those of others. We will get to thoroughly understand your requirements and budget, and then make a recommendation.

At every level, Anago’s Protection+ is a clean you can see, a safety you can sense, and a disinfection you can trust. It combines experience, technology, and value, and is backed by a total satisfaction guarantee. This signature 10-step disinfection process meets all CDC and EPA standards and Anago Franchisees offer the only certified cleaning and disinfecting teams.

Three Tiers of Clean

Protection+ BLUE

Disinfect those high touch areas. Protection+ BLUE pays extra attention to surfaces like door handles, coffee pots, and railings to kill 99.9% of germs on the highest-touch surfaces. Certified experts give you a detailed, beyond-basic cleaning where it matters most. It’s an added step to help defend against the spread of illness in your spaces. Display the Anago Protection+ seal and give every guest confidence as they come and go.

Protection+ ORANGE

This is where it gets personal. With Protection+ ORANGE, you get all the benefits of Protection+ BLUE, plus professional disinfecting that kills 99.9% of germs at individual work stations. Every phone, every computer, every mouse, and every keyboard in the facility is detailed. This comprehensive approach leaves your common areas plus all personal spaces disinfected to keep illness at bay—and those sick days away.

Protection+ PLATINUM

Now for the ultimate clean. Protection+ PLATINUM is an advanced clinical clean that leaves 99.9% of germs wishing you’d never heard of Anago. First, certified professionals from our Anago network clean your office at BLUE and ORANGE levels. Then, they introduce electrostatic technology and EPA-registered chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses like COVID-19, disinfecting even the hardest-to-reach areas of your office. That means every surface is safer—top to bottom. As a regularly scheduled service for at-risk settings, PLATINUM is an essential value. As a one-time service for offices where positive cases of illness have been confirmed, it’s your lifeline to staying open and operational.

To learn more about Anago’s Protection+ Disinfection® Program, reach out to us at (385) 209-0647.