Hospital Cleaning Services


A sterile, clean environment is crucial in a hospital setting. That’s why you need to choose a healthcare cleaning company that will provide spotless, disinfected properties that will help improve patient satisfaction and yield better HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores. Anago Cleaning Systems has a network of independent business owners who provide unrivaled hospital cleaning services. A spotlessly clean appearance contributes to a comfortable experience for patients and projects a professional impression for your facility.

Anago Franchise owners have experience cleaning a wide variety of healthcare facilities. They understand the unique needs of your hospital and all the equipment within it. This experience will help ensure they minimize cross-contamination and helps prevent the spread of harmful germs and infectious bacteria. Anago franchisees will provide you with a customized schedule that will accommodate your unique needs, priorities, and budget.

Hospital & Medical Facility Cleaning Professionals

Outsourcing your medical facility cleaning to Anago Franchisees will rid you of time-consuming tasks and headaches caused by cleaning verification paperwork, daily checklists, and overhead. They have extensive experience dealing with high-traffic areas and germ hotspots and can help you reduce the transmission of MRSA and other virulent infections.

  • Their cleaning teams pay attention to every detail and use hospital-grade disinfectants, rigorous certification procedures, and professional cleaning processes.
  • Their cleaners use HEPA and microfiber technologies.
  • Their cleaners are specially trained to clean every room of your hospital, including nurses' stations, operating rooms, exam rooms, surgical rooms, and patient waiting rooms.
  • They are bonded and insured and fully prepared to work in a demanding healthcare environment.
  • They focus on common problems that are identified by their clients.
  • Their quality assurance ensures consistent and reliable service with spot-checks and verification systems.

To learn more about hospital cleaning services, reach out to Anago at  (385) 209-0647.

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Commercial cleaning

The Anago Difference

With over 30 years of franchised commercial cleaning experience, Anago Franchisees are consistent, dependable, and available 24/7 for any last-minute or emergency needs. Best of all, their cleaning services are backed by a total satisfaction guarantee. When it comes to the cleaning responsibilities of your hospital, don’t ever compromise. Choose Anago Franchisees and your facility will always be fully taken care of.

Three Tiers of Clean

Anago Franchisees proudly offer Protection+ Disinfection®, a customizable cleaning program that allows you to choose the level of cleaning and disinfecting your property receives based on your needs and budget. It is the only certified program in the market and provides a deep, thorough clean you can see and disinfection you can feel.

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